Hi guys, I have bad news, because I am going to my home country I will be on a temporary leave from bogging from 15th November 2017 to 30 November 2017. I am so sorry, it’s actually because of all the events. Bye and see you in some time. Hope you don’t get bored so visit other sites while I’mm gone and when I do come back there will be a long surprise post, so don’t go anywhere because Im Princy signing out. Goodbye for now.

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Hi guys, forgot to do the countdown yesterday. So The countdown continues 5 days guys, we can do it { well I’m the one who’s going so I can do it }

Have you ever heard of rocket artwork, it’s so hard, you have to colour and do splat painting.Peter Thorpe is an expert at it. Here are some of his paintings of rockets and space.{goes and searches up Peter Thorpe paintings}

There’s so much detail. Nowadays I have no idea what to write about. Next time I’ll probably do a poll or some quizzes. That’s a sneak peak for you.

Princy signing out

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Moving out {Parents these day}

Hi guys, I have a new topic today, ” Why don’t parents get things that children these days like???{ Like Why???Uggghh} Today I told my mum that I going to be moving out{ leaving my parents to live in a unit} when I was 18. Like doesn’t everyone want to move out when your 18???. But no, no,no,no,no,no NO, she just has to give a long lecture about why do I want to move out and leave my parents. I said that I’ll probably have a job by then and { to make my mum get convinced, I said} I’ll have to learn how to cook and live by myself, drive. I have to be independent. But no, she just had to say no. Mums these days{soooo do what I say}.


Signing out and one more thing, sorry two more things

  1. Sorry for writing a short post
  2. I won’t be posting alot after 17th November or may I’ll post every 2 days. I’ll try to post on sat, sun,mon,tues and wed, maybe eve thurs


Princy signing out

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Hi guys, you’re probably wondering why the title today is what???. I’ll tell you that after a while. First, I was wondering that you probably didn’t see the logo on the top { goes and checks the logo on the top} It’s right above the title and it says The Bloggess, My Life of Freedom. Here it is  ↓↓↓



So I can’t just tell why I named the title What???. Now the countdown countdown continues exactly {PRECISELY} one week left.So here are the pics ↓↓↓

For some reason I am really into putting pics these days. So now I’ll tell you what it was.Drumroll Please

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So it was, that my dad said I can’t take any device at all to my home country and I was like what??????????? and I wasn’t even exaggerating.


And I felt like my life was ruined. I was so stressed out when actually he fooled me. He said it in such serious tone I felt like I it was real. Then he burst badly into laughter{ like so bad , he couldn’t stop}. This was him { not literally}.

So everything’s going so good so far and I just want to give a shoutout to those who are following. Thanks and I added the sign off that you guys liked.

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A Random Thought

Hi guys, sorry I couldn’t post yesterday but I can today[YAAAAAY!!!].It was all because of my annoying little brother { you know how brothers can be sometimes, especially little ones, they always want you to do what they want, those who have a little brother will get this feeling of feeling annoyed.


Today I had a really random thought and it was why are jumpers called jumpers. I know why sweaters are called sweaters. But why??? Who know’s [ Not bothered to search it up on the internet]. so I have a little job for you. Can you tell me why are jumpers called jumpers???


The countdown continues


Which signing out image do you like better?Please reply!!!

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A New Start to a New Blog

Hi guys, I have just started a new blog. My old blog was wonderful but I forgot the password to it. I call myself THE BLOGESS. I am going to my home country in 10 days and I am so exhilarated because everyone’s going to be grown up and they’ll see me tall and healthy[as usual]. So the countdown starts.Just in case you guys wanted to know what was my old blog called, it was https://princyshahblog.wordpress.com/. You can just copy pasties to see what I wrote and you’ll soon find out about me. See you guys tomorrow. Please follow me and yeah that’s it for today.


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